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Authenticity — Budweiser

Different from the U.S., Budweiser is quite a new brand in Brazil. Here, we still have a lot to tell about it. In 2017, we chose to talk about the fact that this beer hasn’t changed in 140 years. We chose to talk about the meaning of authenticity.

Interactive —

This was an interactive film. You could unlock the point of view of Rodrigo Santoro (actor) and Rincon Sapiência (rapper), to hear what authenticity means to each of them.

NBA Finals —

During the NBA Finals, we went to the streets of Sao Paulo to reward those who remain authentic in the country of football.

Bud x Rio —

Bud x Rio —

In the end of the year, we launched Bud x: a collab platform. The first edition was a collab with the independent music scene of Rio de Janeiro. We created a street festival and followed the warm up of 3 bands along the day.